27 Ekim 2013 Pazar

Story - Cahit Külebi

"Story" (aka Song) is one of my favourite poems in Turkish Literature. I would like to share English version of Story for you (translated by Bernard Lewis). Actually, I made a diligent search about Bernard Lewis but i still don't know who he is (there is some information but i have not confirmed yet). Before shraing the poem, it is better to take a look his explanations about this translation: "We all know that translating poems is virtually impossible and that any translation is just one of the many. This poem in particular melts the description of landscape and of some agricultural activities with delicate sensuality (the woman is 'clear and beautiful' like landscape and can scatter her hair in all directions recalling the action of winnowing corn, she is as fresh as the shadow of walnut trees). On the other hand tghe poet describes himself as a man damaged by violence (the bandits, sadness, solitude, the strong northern winds). These contrasting descriptions find rest and meet in sharing stories, in sharing the past and sad remembrances. But at the same time they bring joy and physical communication and contact.
I need to keep in short since I want you meet the poem in a short time. (You can criticize the translation - you would be right- but don't forget, the hardest thing in literature is translating the poems). You all know Turkish, you can complete the meaning by reading the original version.
Your lips are red / Your hands are white / Take my hands, child / Hold them a while
In the village where I was born / There were no walnut trees / That's why I yearn for coolness / Fondle me a while
In the village where I was born / There were no cornfields / So scatter your hair child / Flaunt it a while
In the village where I was born / The north winds blew / That's why my lips are cracked / Kiss them a while
In the village where I was born / Bandits struck by night / That's why I hate to be alone / Speak with me a while
In the village where I was born / Men did not know how to laugh / That's why I am still so unhappy / Make me laugh a while
You are light and beauty, like my country / The village where I was born was beautiful, too / Now tell me of the place where you were born / Tell me a while

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